Ask the Master Gardener: Any recommendations on greenhouses and gardens?

Q: Our greenhouse has white flies that are destroying our green peppers and cucumbers. We had a pest control operator who came and sprayed. It decreased the number for a while, but they are now back in full force. A.B., Nixa, Mo


Addressed by Patrick Byers, gardening specialist with MU Extension

A: White fly control is a difficulty in greenhouses and needs an integrated method.

  1. Attempt to keep the insect from getting in the greenhouse. Carefully analyze all plants that are brought into the greenhouse, discard greatly plagued plants here http://greenhousestores.co.uk/
  1. Display the greenhouse with sticky yellow cards on a daily basis. When a limit of around 0.5-2 bugs per card daily are kept in mind, a spray is used.
  1. The attached publication lists effective sprays for this bug. Sprays must be alternated as this bug is at high danger of developing insecticide resistance.

1Q: I sent pictures of a weed that I have been battling for the past few years in my garden. I use paper and mulch or straw to help manage the weeds in my garden, but this weed grows anywhere that is not covered.

Addressed by Kelly McGowan, horticulture teacher, MU Extension

A: This is a weed called Red-Root pigweed. Red-root pigweed is a significant weed problem in much of the local area, especially in agricultural production because of its resistance to glyphosate. Also, one plant can produce approximately a million seeds, which can develop in soil and be a problem for many years to come.

Once pigweed gets developed it can be really tough to control. Hand pulling or utilizing a growing tool when the plants are little and applying a pre-emergent herbicide listed for broadleaf weeds can be the most efficient for property owners.

Q: I have 20 acres and would like to set up greenhouses or gardens and make extra money with niche veggies and produce. Addressed by Tim Schnakenberg, agronomy specialist, MU Extension

A: Most individuals discover the alternatives and specific niches readily available are unlimited but the resources of time and money limited. Enterprises like this typically take a great deal of capital expense to obtain begun. However there also has to suffice time in the day to obtain the work done.

3It is difficult to work a 40 to 50-hour week in the area and try to farm and grow things at nights as the sun is going down. Don t undervalue that running an operation like you are describing is effort.

Farming on small acreage is challenging, it can be done with careful preparation and scaling of operations. An operation also needs to fit a person’s way of life and interests.

If you wish to raise plants, there are numerous alternatives, but markets should be researched. The majority of will grow for a farmer s market, however some have been successful developing their market on the farm. Simply keep in mind the significance of planning, money and time.

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